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Pre-Shipment Inspection

Pre-Shipment Inspection

An inspector will visit your factory to review the quality processes and test the product in detail when your order reaches 80% of production, ensuring that it fulfill its initial specifications.
The appropriate sampling process to select batches of products for the pre-shipment inspection, and compare them with the quality requirements or standards of your target market.

What is a Pre-Shipment Inspection?

The Pre-Shipment Inspection also known as Final Quality Control will be carried out when at least 80% of the products are ready and already packaged for exportation. The client can indicate which percentage must be ready at the time of inspection, when making the reservation online.

The Pre-Shipment Inspection will be carried out at the factory or in some cases at the shipper’s premises or the port of departure.

We perform all the inspections according to an internationally recognized statistical sampling system. This protocol exhaustively covers the following aspects: performance, functionality, general appearance and dimension.

What do we check during the Pre-Shipment Inspection?

During the inspection we cover all possible controls of your products: labor, product appearance, safety and functionality, quantity, variety, colors, measurements, weight, accessories, labeling and logos, packaging and other requirements Which may be required.

Our team of experienced inspectors choose a certain quantity of finished products, and inspects them according to your specifications, requirements and our protocols and experience. Once the inspection has been completed we will send you a detailed report including pictures and comments so that you can accept or reject the shipment online through our system.

What is the advantage of the Pre-Shipment Inspection?

Our job is to make it easier for you to make the best decision. If you agree with our analysis, verify that the products are not acceptable so you can stop the shipping process with our help and deal with your seller directly without having any surprises at the time of receiving the goods.

Why should I book this Inspection?

A pre-shipment inspection gives you the peace of mind that your order has been successfully completed before it is shipped. The globalized market of today offers great opportunities, but also presents great real risks.

When working with a foreign supplier it is essential to ensure that the specifications agreed are realized. Reduce the risk of an incorrect order taking necessary precautions. Make sure your order was successfully made, before it is shipped.

Check the quality at the source and do not pay for defective goods. Make sure that the supplier has met all the agreed specifications and reduces expensive import risks, avoiding returns and protecting the image of your brand.

Inspection Rate

Supervise the production process avoiding problems and difficulties.

We accomplish the highest standards recognized internationally