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Pre-Production Inspection

Pre-Production Inspection

What is the pre-production inspection?

It is an inspection that is performed at the factory premises before begin a big scale manufacturing. It can be done at the factory or at the supplier’s office. The purpose is to make sure your supplier is clear about the requirements and specifications of your order and is well prepared for your production. A preliminary inspection of all the machinery and materials that will be used in the manufacture of your product is carried out, so that we ensure a uniform quality of your product throughout the entire production.

What is the advantage of the Pre-Production Inspection?

The Pre-Production Inspection service will allow you to have a clear view of the production schedule and can anticipate possible problems that could affect the quality of the products. The main reason for multiple production problems and poor quality is not the factory procedure, It’s the communication misunderstanding between you and the manufacturer that is often given by language and cultural differences. This inspection will allow you to overcome this lack of communication and ensure the understanding of both parts.

We are specialists in the service of product inspections.
Unlike other inspection agencies, our great advantage is our supervisors, who are responsible, under a rigorous preparation, strict review and detailed monitoring of each inspection. The longer a supervisor goes to the project, the results are more secure.

The supervisor customizes the inspection template with the client’s requirements and specifications – so the inspector knows where to find the right information. After the inspection, the supervisor carefully reviews the draft report and contacts the inspector in case of questions. This ensures our high reliability.

Why should we reserve the quality control service with us?

You require certainty and assurance that your requests are well understood and that production will begin efficiently with the right materials and the right processes. The Pre-Production Inspection will give you this peace of mind and is a great way to maintain responsibility for your suppliers.

We can help you implement the necessary corrective actions as soon as possible. Avoid delays and unexpected costs.

Inspection Rate

Supervise the production process avoiding problems and difficulties.

We accomplish the highest internationally recognized standards.