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Inspection during
the production

Inspection during the production

The Inspection During Production is done when it has been manufactured and packaged to be sent between 20% and 80% of the volume of its product.

What do we review in the Inspection During Production?

We pay attention to the appearance of the product, quality of workmanship, revision of measures and weight, functionality, accessories, labeling, logos, packaging and other tests and special requirements depending on the product and the exportation market. Inspection during Production includes the review of raw materials, semi-finished products and production planning.

Our team of inspectors chooses a certain amount of finished products according to the high standards and inspects them based on the specifications, requirements and protocols. Once the inspection has been made, we send a detailed inspection report including pictures and comments. After receiving this report you can immediately decide online whether to accept or reject this shipment.

What is the advantage we offer in a Production Inspection?

We join in the middle of the production process, we check that the quality of its products reaches the desired standards and that the production program is being carried out according to the established standards. We also inspect the actual production volume to avoid any delays in the final shipment.
At this stage, you will still modify the inspection protocols and still be on time with your order in case there is any problem.

Why should I book this Inspection?

Because it is advisable to check that the production is being carried out without any inconvenience, especially if an Inspection of First Articles was not realized, during the first production processes. Also because you must keep the pressure on your provider, trust is good but control is better.

Asia Quality Inspectors employs have the strictest international standards, guaranteeing the safety of its product and the fulfillment of the legal regulations.

Audits Rate

Supervise the production process avoiding problems and difficulties.

We accomplish the highest standards recognized internationally