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Food Inspection

Food Inspection

Protect the quality and safety of your food product at every stage. Maintain your consumer confidence and brand reputation with our Food Inspection service.

Why perform a food inspection?

Globalization and technological advances have created a complex food supply chain involving a wide range of stakeholders. A lack of quality monitoring processes, complex logistical structures as well as methods of food handling and other factors can compromise the quality and safety of food.

What process do we carry out during the inspection?

Asia Quality inspector will designate an specialist visit the facilities of your supplier and will carry out the following tests as:

  • Visual inspection
  • Random sampling (determined by product type)
  • Product Specific Tests
  • Classification and count of defects
  • Packing and labeling control

What is the advantage of our food inspection service?

By implementing a food inspection, you can control a specified number of samples within a specific lot and follow a sampling plan according to certain control points in order to identify any problems at source, maintain product consistency.

Inspection Rate

Supervise the production process avoiding problems and difficulties.

We accomplish the highest standards recognized internationally