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Defect Classification Service

Defect Classification Service

What is the Defect Classification Service?

The purpose of our service is to classify a variety of products that may present problems already identified in a previous inspection (eg specific visual defects, functionality problems, packaging imperfections) during the number of days and inspectors assigned by the customer. Other aspects will not be reviewed during this inspection.

What is the advantage of our Defect Classification Service?

This service will help you to classify the products in poor condition. It is an efficient way to check if the factory has reworked its products according to your request and check the percentage of defects that may affect your shipment.

  • Highlights of our quality control service.
  • Classify defective products.
  • Know the seriousness of quality problems.
  • Negotiate with your supplier on the basis of quality problems.

What to do after an unapproved inspection?

  • How to make sure there are no defective items in your shipment?
  • Know the actual percentage of defects that affect your products.
  • Make sure the factory has reworked the goods correctly.
  • Refuse defective shipments.

Why reserve our quality control service?

After an unapproved inspection and instead of simply carrying out a new inspection, you can send back to the inspector, focusing on specific points and opening as many boxes as possible, in the number of days and the number of inspectors agreed for the purpose of classifying as many defective products as possible.

It is important to properly classify the defective products found as it is the only way to verify that the factory has reworked the products in a correct way. The Asia Quality Inspectors team will work with your supplier to ensure a flawless shipment. We will help you save time, money and secure your imports.

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