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Container Load Monitoring

Container Load Monitoring

What is the Container Load Monitoring?

This service is performed during the process of loading the order into the container. This inspection takes place on the premises of the factory or its shipper.

What process do we do during supervision?

We focus on reviewing various items such as quantity review, packing list review, container conditions, loading process (loading form, loading conditions, etc.), as well as a quick review of the packaging And the packaging of their products.

What is the advantage of our Container Loading Supervision?

  • We check the current state of the container.
  • We supervise that the products are suitable.
  • Check that the number of boxes is accurate.
  • We make sure that the charge is carried out properly.
  • The container is sent to your company.
  • You will receive immediate feedback from our inspector with the opportunity to stop any faults you observe.
  • We check if a seal has been placed in the container.
  • We give a final review of the products, the packaging and other aspects.

Inspection Rate

Supervise the production process avoiding problems and difficulties.

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