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Structural audits

Structural Audits

Our structural audit is responsible for analyzing the security and integrity of the premises and buildings of its suppliers, supervising that the conditions are adequate and relevant for the processes that they wish to carry out and do not present any danger to the life and health of the workers.

What is the advantage of our Audit?

  • We guarantee safe working conditions, it can prevent injuries and human losses.
  • We can protect the image and reputation of the brand.
  • To comply with legal requirements (building and design codes by country).
  • An accurate picture of the security situation of the structure can be obtained.
  • Avoid interruptions.

What do we review in the process?

  • We carry out several checks and evaluations:
  • Check load conditions
  • We detect defects in the structure and damages.
  • Planning and checking the alignment
  • We verify the deformation or deterioration of the structure
  • We evaluate the structure of the building
  • Assessment of maintenance and exposure to an aggressive environment
  • Different structural checks
  • Check fire safety

At the end of our audit, we prepared a detailed report of the evaluation results, indicating the current condition of the structure as well as suggestions for appropriate repairs and adequate measures.

Audits Rate

Supervise the production process avoiding problems and difficulties.

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