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Social audit

Social Audit

What process do we carry out during the audit?

We conduct a Social Audit (CSA) to ensure that the factories with which we are dealing, respect the social rights of their workers. Our social audit programs are based on international standards along with the specific requirements of the client.

What is the advantage of our Audit?

  • The implementation of this Social Audit can avoid many setbacks.
  • Avoid bad factories: dangerous working conditions, child labor, etc.
  • Begin a proactive approach to sustainable development.
  • Find out if your provider is certified.
  • Choose the most appropriate provider for what you need when comparing them.
  • Above all, keep your business safe and save time.

Following this Audit, we issue a Corrective Action Plan explaining the necessary improvements over a given period of time. Our approach is pragmatic and efficient.

What do we review in the process?

  • We review the following aspects within the audit
  • Health & Safety at work
  • Disciplinary Practices
  • If there is child labor
  • Administrative Systems
  • Forced labor
  • Freedom of Association
  • Right to negotiation
  • Discrimination
  • Working Hours and Working Environment
  • Compensation

Audits rate

Supervise the production process avoiding problems and difficulties.

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