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Simple Factory Audit

Simple Factory Audit

This audit is carried out to make an order with a supplier. The audit takes place at the manufacturer’s premises. This can guarantee an optimal operation of the business.

What is a Simple Factory Audit?

The audits help to have a complete profile of the supplier, taking into account the costs and times.
We are able to affirm that the audited place has the capacity to meet the requirements of production and prevent probable interruptions in the process that would generate high losses.

What process do we carry out during the audit?

During the factory audit, we conducted an extensive evaluation of your supplier’s facilities and management systems. The standard factory audit covers:

  • The profile of the factory
  • Workflow and organization
  • Production capacity
  • The conditions of the factory facilities, including the state of machinery and equipment
  • Systems of quality assurance

What is the advantage of our Audit?

We will verify that your supplier’s facilities work properly for the manufacture of your product.

We make sure that your supplier’s policies are according to yours.

We identify potential poor quality, operational and risks.

Audit Rate

Supervise the production process avoiding problems and difficulties.

We accomplish the highest standards recognized internationally